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Medical Tourism in Mexico
By www.visitandcare.com

Medical Tourism in Mexico

Mexico has always been the US’s quick escape; whether for a weekend fix, romantic honeymoon, Spring break, tax evasion, or for medical tourism.

Located right under the nose of many Americans, Mexico is clearly their first option when thinking of a getaway.

There are countless reasons why Mexico holds a pole position on the world tourism scene: the beach, culture, history, tequila, and pulsating nightlife. But make no mistake; Mexico is a world top medical tourism destination.

Plastic Surgery in Mexico

Almost all medical staff and plastic surgeons in Mexico are US-trained and have studied in severalvprestigious universities. That’s why a large number of doctors and cosmetic surgeons who work in the healthcare industry are board-certified and English-speaking.

Medical Tourism in MexicoCosmetic clinics in Mexico are specifically designed to meet the highest US and European standards to ensure a safe and successful medical experience.

Plastic surgery in Cancun (http://www.visitandcare.com/plastic-surgery_cancun) is a major
draw for numerous US medical tourists today; lured in by the city’s neat reputation for high
medical standards and the after-care services.

Plastic surgery in Puerto Vallarta (http://www.visitandcare.com/plastic-surgery_puerto-vallarta) is a thriving business in Mexico that attracted millions of plastic surgery experts to city’s affordable property and medical equipments.

Plastic surgery in Guadalajara (http://www.visitandcare.com/plastic-surgery_guadalajara) offers more body contour and weight loss treatments than its sister cities such as tummy tuck and breast implants.

Dentistry in Mexico (http://www.visitandcare.com/dentists_in_mexico)
Cosmetic dentistry in Mexico gained more recognition and fame in the past few years, offering dental treatments with internationally certified dentists, which roughly cost as much as 70 percent less than a dental treatment in the US. Whether you require reconstructive dental work to repair a broken tooth, need dental implants, dentists in Cancun (http:// www.visitandcare.com/dentists_cancun) will manage to make your smile beam from ear to ear.

Lost Algodons is located right next to the US border and can be accessed from both California and Arizona. No wonder dentists in Los Algodones (http://www.visitandcare.com/dentists_los-algodones) receive the highest number of patients for dental care treatments.

Los Cabos also enjoys a fair share of quality dental care. That’s why many dentists in Los Cabos (http://www.visitandcare.com/dentists_los-cabos) decided to expand their operation to meet the high demand from US patients.

IVF in Mexico (http://www.visitandcare.com/ivf_in_mexico)
In addition to dental and plastic surgery, Mexican clinics are also popular for offering Infertility (IVF) treatments, especially for US patients who struggle to finance expensive IVF cycles in the US. IVF clinics in Mexico maintain a leading edge of diagnostics and procedures.

IVF in Mexico City (http://www.visitandcare.com/ivf_mexico-city) is renowned for the best infertility treatments in Latin America.

Technologically advanced laboratories and highly skilled doctors make IVF in Guadalajara (http://www.visitandcare.com/ivf_guadalajara) a sought-after city in Mexico.

Technologically advanced laboratories and highly skilled doctors make IVF in Guadalajara (http:/ /www.visitandcare.com/ivf_guadalajara) a sought-after city in Mexico. Another significant reason behind Mexico’s medical tourism influx is the US healthcare system and the hefty taxes on cosmetic procedures. Many medical insurance companies in the US
don’t cover cosmetic surgery, which leaves patients with no choice but to seek out cosmetic treatments outside the borders of the US.

Whether the US will undergo major healthcare reforms or taxes will be lifted off the EU healthcare system, Mexico will remain the number-one chosen country for medical tourism.

Source: VisitadCare.com
Medical Tourism in Mexico

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